Alaska Black Cod marinated with Honey
Black Cod, or Sablefish is a deep water, oily delicious whitefish. A great source of high quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Delicate and flavorful.

Alaska Seafood Tom Yum

Makes 4 servings, prep time 10 minutes with a cook time of 15 minutes.

We prefer a mix of keta salmon and pacific cod for this recipe!

Alaska Smoked Salmon Celery & Apple Salad

Quick and easy. Great as an appetizer or pita stuffer! Prep time 20 minutes, serves 8.

Andrew's Salmon Gravlax

An old Nordic tradition, gravlax is a type of cured salmon. It is an excellent way to serve wild Alaskan salmon at your holiday parties.

I prefer to use Sockeye salmon for this. If you use tail pieces, you can eliminate the work of removing the pin bones.

Asian Salmon Cakes with Ginger Tartar Sauce

Asian Salmon Cakes are fantastic as an appetizer when serving other Asian food or as a main dish. This recipe is flexible and very forgiving. Quality of the ingredients, especially the salmon, is critical.

The recipe calls for Chinese garlic. If you are not familiar with Chinese garlic, it looks a lot like chives and has a much milder scent and flavor than more common garlic. You may use extra scallions in place of the Chinese garlic, if it is not available.

For the mustard, Trader Joe's Sake-Wasabi mustard works well but, any kind of mustard will work.

Beef Bone Broth-Beef Stock

Bone broth, or Beef Stock is simple to make as most of the cooking time us unattended. A good broth is quite useful to the cook; it is the foundation of soups and sauces and it adds depth of flavor to braised meats and other dishes. It also provides complete nutrition with the most readily absorbable form of calcium and other minerals.

Beef Broth

This approach to broth is simple and minimalist. Leaving out vegetables, herbs and salt makes for a much cleaner and more versatile many ingredients can be added later for use in recipes.

Beef Essence-Beef Tea

Beef Essence, also known as Beef Tea, is used to add flavor to meat preparations, and makes a satisfactory substitute, with water, for beef stock/broth when not available.

Beef Pot Roast

EASY recipe and wonderful flavor. We typically use chuck roast, arm roast or english roast. Grassfed Beef Roasts are best when marinated for a day or two in healthy FATS. Although many herbs and spices can be used in a FAT marinade, salt and vinegar should be avoided for grassfed roasts as these ingredients tend to dry out the meat. Feel free to experiment with different flavors and use a variety of roasting veggies; we call for the classic onion/celery/carrot here, but also use beets, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli and any others you'd enjoy.

Beef Steak Strips

An updated version of Mom's Chicken Fried Steak.

Braised Beef Short Ribs

This dish can be made ahead and chilled so you can easily remove any fat from the top of the sauce. The flavor improves with reheating, but add the chopped herbs just before serving, so they don't lose their freshness. Serves 4-6.

Broth - EASY Instant Pot Method

Like anything else in the Instant Pot, this broth is a breeze.

Citrus Roasted Wild Salmon

The citrus marinade and orange slices lend this salmon fillet a slightly tangy and thoroughly buttery flavor. Sure to be a hit!

Citrus Seafood Lettuce Wraps

Makes 4 servings, prep time 10 minutes with a cooking time of 6 minutes.

Experiment with your favorite fish!

Cook Wild Alaska Seafood FROZEN!

Much of Alaska's harvest is rapidly processed and frozen within hours of harvest to seal in its natural just-caught flavor. So the fish you enjoy for dinner tonight is every bit as fresh as when it was harvested from the ocean. Not only is frozen Alaska Seafood easy to store in your freezer, it's remarkably easy to prepare. There's no need to thaw; in fact, you'll enjoy excellent results when cooking directly from the frozen state.

Crispy Alaska Cod with Greek Pesto

Makes 4 servings with 15 minutes prep and a 10 minute cook time.

Easy H&G Salmon

H&G is a form of whole salmon. Roasting whole fish with the bones and skin intact will provide a more nutrient dense and flavorful eating experience. Use the leftovers to make stock.

Fast and Spicy Alaska Halibut

Makes 4 servings, 5 minutes prep time and 15 minutes to cook. Nutrients per serving: 239 calories, 8g total fat, 4g saturated fat, 33% calories from fat, 66mg cholesterol, 36g protein, 3g carbohydrate, 1g fiber, 712mg sodium, 109mg calcium and 1000mg omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish and Chips with Guacamole

A delicious classic with a southwestern twist! Wild Pacific Cod is our first choice for this recipe, but almost any whitefish will do.

Ginger Thai Beef Stir-fry

Thai cuisine teems with rich flavors and fragrances like ginger, garlic, lemon grass and beef.

Ground Pork Pan Sausage

Delicious, classic sausage taste. Great for breakfast with eggs or even in place of burgers on the grill!

Honey Chocolate Sauce

A delicious healthy chocolate! Serve as is for dessert or topping or plate decoration. As a dip for fresh or dried fruit. Eat by the spoonful for chocolate or sweet cravings. Stir into hot coffee or tea for a mocha. Experiment with add-ins such as roasted pecans, cocoa nibs, essential oils (peppermint, wild orange), cinnamon, chile or cayenne, bee pollen, bacon or butter.

Honey for Survival

In an emergency situation, the average human can thrive on only the calories and nutrients found in raw unfiltered honey. We calculate consumption of 1 pound per person per day for such a circumstance. Honey is the world's most stable food and has an infinite shelf life, making it perfect for long-term storage. Dark honeys have a higher mineral content and are more nutrient dense. Honey also supports fasting, facilitates weight loss and cleansing, improves digestive function, helps stabilize blood sugar levels, promotes restful sleep, reduces metabolic stress and improves immune system function.

Honey is composed of nearly equal proportions of the simple sugars fructose and glucose, plus small amounts of other sugars, and is about 18% water. Over 180 different substances have been identified in honey, including 5 enzymes, 6 vitamins, 8 lipids, trace amounts of 12 minerals and 17 elements, 18 different acids, 18 amino acids (proteins), 18 bioflavonoids, and 26 aroma compounds. One Tablespoon of honey provides 64 calories. Each Tablespoon of honey contains an average of 8 grams of fructose, the same amount found in one small apple. Fructose is essential for the liver to create and store glucose as glycogen which is the primary source of fuel reserve for the brain.

Honey Hot Toddy

Delicious anytime! An excellent HOME-ADE replacement for commercial electrolyte drinks. Commonly used during illness, recovery and fasts. Effective as a cough syrup and expectorant. Fresh citrus juice provides vitamin C, sea salt provides minerals, glucose in honey provides immediate energy to our cells.

KISS: Keep It Simple Salmon

Wild Salmon is easy to prepare and cooks quickly!

Lemon Buerre Blanc for Fish Hugger Salmon

This sauce calls for butter and cream...can you really go wrong here?


Brew your own mead, it only takes a few ingredients and a little patience.

Miso Black Cod + Asian Cucumber Salad

Classic black cod (sablefish) marinade! Makes 4 servings, 15 minutes prep time and cook 5 minutes + marinade time of 12 to 72 hours.

New Mexico Beef Tongue

This is a tasty meal~always a hit and soooo good! A prep and forget 1 pan dish, only requiring an occasional stir.

Osso Bucco-Beef Shanks-Beef Marrow Bones

Traditionally, Osso Bucco is made with veal marrow bones, but beef shanks are great! This recipe serves 6, a general rule of thumb is 1 shank per person.

Oven-Roasted Alaska Cod Gremolata

Makes 4 servings, 10 minutes of prep and 25 minutes to cook. Nutrients per serving: 238 calories, 11g total fat, 2g saturated fat, 42% calories from fat, 52mg cholesterol, 28g protein, 7g carbohydrate, 3g fiber, 107mg sodium, 54mg calcium, and 400mg omega-3 fatty acids.

Pacific Cod with Spicy Lemon-Walnut Butter Sauce

Makes 4 servings, prep time 10 minutes with a cook time of 15 minutes.

Great for cod, rockfish, halibut, keta salmon or your favorite mild seafood.

Pacific Cod with Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil

Makes 4 servings, 5 minutes prep with a cooking time of 15 minutes.

Ranch Style Beef Steak

This is a great, quick way to prepare steaks without firing up the grill.

Red Salmon Caviar

Red or Salmon Caviar has been enjoyed traditionally by many cultures. All salmon eggs are an abundant source of nutrition, each egg is about 20% Omega-3 oil! The smaller, milder Keta eggs are the European preferred, while the Japanese prefer the smaller, redder Sockeye eggs. Traditional Eskimo cultures of northern Alaska and Canada feed their toddlers salmon roe as a staple.

Rockfish Ceviche

Light and refreshing cured fish is perfect for a summer day. Serve with greens, over rice or with corn chips.

Salmon Omega Cakes

Omega Cakes are made with salmon roe/eggs. This recipe is for those who know they should eat fish eggs but don't like the taste. There is no fishy taste in these delicious patties. They may be frozen and then sauteed after thawing.

Sauteed Sablefish with Ginger-Soy Glaze

Sablefish (Black Cod) is flaky, buttery and delicate.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: serves 4-6

Teriyaki-Braised Alaska Black Cod with Veggies

Black Cod is so delicious and one of the Pacific Ocean's most sustainable and premier fish for taste and nutrition. From prep to serve in under half an hour, here is a quick dinner recipe. Feel free to experiment with the veggies while keeping in mind a diversity of color.

Traditional Scandinavian Grav Lox

A traditional Scandinavian Smorgasbord recipe upgraded for ease that begins with tasty Wild Alaska Salmon. Grav Lox will keep several weeks in the refrigerator once made, so there is always an emergency treat for guests and hungry cooks!

Whole Roasted Wild Alaska Salmon

Whole Roasted Salmon make a beautiful presentation for special occasions. Includes instructions for making your own caviar and fish stock.