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A Family Food Share

Create your own food security. Invest in your health and longevity. Ideal for rational eaters, families, practitioners, clubs, groups, and co-ops. Purchase for annual, semi-annual or monthly consumption and share with many. These Food Share options are based on general customer preferences and our own family's average consumption. Custom orders gladly accepted. Please place orders by phone 602-286-9233 in Arizona, 505-865-4097 in New Mexico or send email

Grassfed Beef in Bulk

We do accept orders for a quarter, side or whole beef. Custom grassfed beef orders are also accepted. We offer mostly ground beef, lots of roasts, ribs and shanks, and a few steaks, bones and organs.

Pricing: Please call for pricing 602.286.9233
Amount Available:

Honey Stock

12 Quart jars of raw, unfiltered, local honey. We currently have 2-3 wildcraft poly-floral varieties available, mix and match OK. Approximately 36 pounds of honey (3 gallons) will feed 1-2 people for a year. Honey ages well, although it will crystallize and solidify, it will never spoil.

Pricing: $180 per case
Amount Available:

Sockeye Salmon by the Case

30 pounds of sockeye salmon fillet to stock your freezer. Filets average approximately 1.75 pounds each, roughly 15+ fillets per case. Based on customer averages, a case will feed 2 people for 1 year.

Pricing: $480
Amount Available:

Alaska Wild Seafood

"These wild fish are caught by me, bled by me, blessed by me, filleted and frozen. Sashimi quality, or cook and serve."

Kenny Aschbacher - Commercial Fisherman - Kodiak, Alaska

I am a harvester of sustainable resources, a professional hunter-gatherer. My summer months are spent aboard a commercial fishing boat catching wild fish to blast freeze and sell during the off-season across the southwest. Over fifteen seasons of experience and possession of a Kodiak limited entry seine permit allow me to successfully harvest and deliver sashimi grade salmon and seafood to quality conscious consumers. My best fish are specially cared for and packaged for my family and a few customers who desire the knowledge of where, how, and who is harvesting the food we eat. I am the quality control. Samurai cuts are made within minutes of careful landing. Each salmon is put to bed on shaved ice and delivered to a shore based state inspected facility to be hand filleted, portioned, vacuum-sealed and blast frozen to -20. Once frozen, the salmon are boxed, palletized and shipped via Alaska air freight and/or sea-land transport to Phoenix, AZ and Albuquerque, NM for cold storage and distribution in the southwest by me and my wife.

From ocean to table since 2001, we are your BEST CHOICE for sustainable seafood!

Salmon Filet - Keta Portions

Keta is light, mild and wild. 1 gram of omega-3 oil in a 3oz cooked portion. A great halibut substitute. Bake, broil, grill or poach. 5 - 15oz portions.

Pricing: $16/lb
Amount Available:

Salmon Filet - Sockeye Portions

Darkest red and most powerful salmon flavor. Vegetarian pelagic feeder provides natural deep red flesh. 2 grams of Omega-3 oil and 22 grams of protein per 3oz cooked portion. Portions of sockeye filet, varied 6-16 ounces each, center cuts, tail portions and belly/bacon portions.

Pricing: $24/lb
Amount Available:

Salmon Filet - Sockeye Side

Darkest red and most powerful salmon flavor. Vegetarian pelagic feeder provides natural deep red flesh. 2 grams of Omega-3 oil and 22 grams of protein per 3oz cooked portion. Whole side salmon filet, these filets average 1.75 pounds each. Skin-on, pin-bone out, sashimi quality.

Pricing: $20 per pound
Amount Available:

Salmon H&G - Pink

Whole salmon without the head and guts. Great for roasting, baking or grilling whole. Easy to cut into steaks. Pink salmon is mild and delicious! Fish average 2 pounds each.

Pricing: $8 per pound
Amount Available: Please Order 602.286.9233

Smoked Salmon - Sockeye

Smoked salmon, fully cooked and cured, ready to thaw and serve. We use Kenny's Original Spice Rub and smoke with hickory wood. Delicious on salads, omelets, pasta, rice or with bagels and cream cheese.

Pricing: $40/pound
Amount Available: Please Order 602.286.9233

Wild Pacific Cod

Tender, flaky, mild and delicious. Great for fish tacos, ceviche or beer battered fish & chips! Approximately 1 pound packages.

Pricing: $16 per pound
Amount Available:

Wild Pacific Halibut Cheeks

Halibut management is conducted by the International Pacific Halibut Commission combining conservation and management efforts of the USA & Canada. In 1995, the state of Alaska put halibut on an IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) system. This system has increased the value of the fishery, increased the quality of fish, cut back on wasted halibut and dramatically improved safety for fishermen. However, halibut can be a dangerous fishery with a high injury rate. The IFQ system works by selling individuals the (strictly limited & regulated) rights to catch a certain amount of halibut. Halibut IFQ's are currently in the $25/lb+ range, it's a very costly fishery to enter. Since 2008, the state of Alaska has lowered quotas in order to ensure future sustainability of the fishery. However, halibut biomass has decreased by 30-50% since 2001. Halibut growth rates have been depressed to levels consistent with those of the 1920's. The average halibut was considerably larger in the 1950's than it is today. The main factor contributing to the unsustainability is due to ocean trawling which catches a large number of halibut and other non-targeted species of ocean going fishes.

Pricing: $25 per pound
Amount Available:

Wild Pacific Halibut Filet

Approximately 8-12oz portions, great serving size. One of Alaska's most famous fish!

Pricing: $24/lb
Amount Available:

Wild Pacific Halibut Meat

Halibut filet cut into chunks and pieces, PERFECT for seafood chowder, fish cakes, stir fry, fish tacos and ceviche. Approximately 1 pound packages.

Pricing: $15/lb
Amount Available:

Wild Sablefish Fillet

The premier fish of the Pacific Ocean! Sablefish is our favorite "special occasion" dinner! Incredibly oily and unbelievably delicious! This fish has a preferred diet of Alaska king crab. Also known as Black Cod, although not a cod at all. High oil content, delicious and juicy. This is an absolutely great fish and so tasty steamed, seared or grilled. Difficult to overcook.

The Alaskan sablefish fishery is managed through the North Pacific Fishery Management Council's Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Groundfish Fishery Management Plans. It is primarily a small boat fishery with nearly 400 vessels. The fishing season lasts from approximately March 1 - November 15. Management measures include a total allowable catch which is divided among gear types (trawl and fixed) and an individual fishing quota (IFQ) program for the majority of fixed gear. Fixed gear (longlines and pots) harvests around 85% of the sablefish quota and trawl gear about 15%. The State of Alaska manages state fisheries that harvest sablefish outside the IFQ program. (They are managed under a shared quota system - all permit holders receive an equal share of the annually determined catch quota.) Sablefish populations are near or above target levels in the North Pacific.

Pricing: $36/lb
Amount Available:

Beef-100% Pasture Raised, Grassfed-Grassfinished

Our herd is raised and finished on native and irrigated grasses near the Kiowa National Grasslands on the high plains of northeastern New Mexico. Our goal is to produce the finest beef in the world! We are setting a standard for grassFAT beef: our cattle are born and raised on the same ranch their entire lives, about 3 years eating all grass all the time, truly grassfed to finish. Our beef is processed at a small USDA plant owned and operated by one family. Our beef is dry aged 14+ days and stores well in the freezer (0 degrees or colder) for at least 1 year.

Grassfed Beef Ground

Our finest steakhouse grind, incredibly delicious 5 star burger! Typically available in 1 pound packages. Approximately 20% fat content--all healthy CLA-rich grassfat! Great for burgers, tacos, meatloaf, beef sausage and more.

Pricing: $10 per pound
Amount Available:

Grassfed Beef Roasts & Savory Cuts

Beef Short Ribs: Delicious combo of meat, fat and bone. Works great for slow cooking, broth, grill and more. Super tasty and tender with a slow and low cooking method. $10/lb

Beef Cross-Cut Shanks: Super tasty meat, excellent in broth/stock. We typically oven roast the shanks then cover in water and boil several hours, add veggies and boil even longer. The traditional cut for osso bucco. $10/lb

Chuck Roast: Bone-in and great for a Sunday dinner! Slow roast in the oven, crock pot or even on the grill! Typically about 3.5 pounds each. $12/lb

Top Round Roast - EXCELLENT flavor, requires slow cooking with little moisture. Great for making beef jerky. Typically about 4-5 pounds each. $12/lb

Rump Roast - Similar to top round, slow cooking, low heat. 3.5 pound average. $12/lb

Pricing: $10-$12 per pound
Amount Available:

Grassfed Beef Steaks

Steaks are individually vacuum sealed. We love these! Although our beef is dry aged 14 days, we age these steaks in the fridge 1-2 days before cooking. Remove steaks from fridge/packaging, pat dry and sprinkle Kenny's Original or NM Spice Rub on each side. Let stand about 20 minutes before cooking.

Sirloin Kabobs & Tip Kabobs - delicious and incredibly tender. $24/lb

Top Sirloin Steaks - incredibly delicious and grill friendly. $28/lb

Ribeye Steaks - bone in and amazing on the grill or seared on the stovetop. $32/lb

NY Strip Steaks - boneless and delicious, perfect for grilling. $36/lb

Tenderloin/Filet Mignon Steaks - thick cut and incredibly tender. $48/lb

Pricing: $24-$48 per pound
Amount Available:

Grassfed Beef Variety Cuts

Beef Organs are frozen and vacuum sealed individually, and may include heart, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads (thymus) and tongue.

Marrow bones, Soup Bones & Neck Bones are a perfect addition to beef stock. Typically cut into 1' chunks and paper wrapped. Oxtail may also be available. Course ground FAT is available for rendering into Beef Tallow. Package size/weight varies from 1.5-5 pounds depending on the individual product.

These fine beef products are extremely limited in quantity. Organs, Bones, and Tallow are traditional foods and considered medicine by many.

Pricing: $10 per pound
Amount Available:

Kenny's Virgin Honey

RAW, UNFILTERED, local. We offer up to 18 varietal honeys, all domestic honey, from western USA floral sources including Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Washington, Oregon and California. From light mild and mellow to deep dark and medicinal, local to exotic, we've got it all! Varietal and artisanal honeys change from season to season and year to year because of weather & moisture, hive location, and other environmental factors. All varietals are subject to availability. If you fall in love with one of these honeys, consider purchasing a case. Honey, in its raw form, has an almost infinite shelf life (we conservatively say 100 years). It will crystallize with cooler temperatures and age, but honey does not go bad. Availability varies in half pint hex jars and quart jars.

Raw Unfiltered Honey - Hex

Hex jar contains 14oz raw unfiltered honey. Varietals subject to availability.

1 for $10

3 for $25

12 jars (a case) for $85

120 jars (10 cases) for $720

Pricing: $10-$720
Amount Available:

Raw Unfiltered Honey - Quart

Quart jar contains 46oz raw unfiltered honey. Varietals are subject to availability.

1 for $20

3 for $50

12 quarts (a case) for $180

120 quarts (10 cases) for $1680

Pricing: $20-$1680
Amount Available:

Natural Pork

These heritage breed pigs are raised naturally in Albuquerque's south valley on locally raised alfalfa and organic feed. They are raised free of growth hormones and antibiotics in a stress free environment. They roam freely and socialize; in Joel Salatin's words, they are able to "fully embrace their pigness." By emphasizing the health and quality of life for the pigs, we can ensure that this is the best tasting pork around.

Ground Pork

Delicious, amazing, lots of extra healthy fat. Excellent grilled, for meatloaf and tacos or add your own spices for delicious sausage.

Pricing: $8/lb
Amount Available:

Pork Chops

Thick cut, bone-in, delicious on the grill or slow cooked. You've never seen a chop like this!

Pricing: $24/lb
Amount Available:

Pantry Favorites

All our favorites! We offer these fine products for your cooking convenience and dining pleasure. ENJOY!

Bariani EARLY HARVEST Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives harvested early in the season before they have a chance to ripen, yield a small percentage of oil, giving this oil a robust and intense flavor. Sometimes knows as green olive oil. Enjoy this olive oil on your favorite dishes and try it on vanilla ice cream! Currently available in 500ml ($20) and 1.0L ($30) bottles.

Also available: A case (6x1.0L bottles) for $150

Pricing: $20-$150
Amount Available: October 2016 Harvest

Bariani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Registered organic, grown, cold pressed and bottled by the Bariani family on their estate near Sacramento, CA. Pure and flavorful, delicious. Available in 500ml ($15) and 1.0L ($25) bottles. This is the freshest, best olive oil we've ever tasted and has remained our favorite for over 15 years! The early harvest for green olives begins each fall in early October and continues as the olives ripen through December.

Also available: 1 case (6x1.0L bottles) for $120

Bariani Olive Oil

Pricing: $15-$120
Amount Available: 2016 Fall Harvest Available

Kenny's New Mexico Spice Rub

Great when sprinkled over Kenny's Wild Fish, Grassfed Beef & Lamb, Organic Veggies, or any Egg Dish for a taste treat that can't be beat. 3.2oz each, use just before grilling or broiling.

Ingredients: Ground Kosher Sea Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Sandia Red New Mexico Chile, Big Jim Green New Mexico Chile, Rosemary, Parsley, Sage, Dehydrated Lemon Peel.

Pricing: $6/each
Amount Available:

Kenny's Original Spice Rub

Great when sprinkled on Kenny's Wild Fish, Grassfed Beef & Lamb, Organic Veggies or any Egg Dish for a taste treat that can't be beat. 3.2oz each, use just before grilling or broiling.

Ingredients: Ground Kosher Sea Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Onion Powder, Rosemary, Parsley, Sage, Dehydrated Lemon Peel.

Pricing: $6/each
Amount Available:

Tallow Soaps

These soaps are made by Little Mama Products, a family-owned microsoapery in the foothills of the North Phoenix Mountain Preserve using Grassfed-Grassfinished-GrassFAT Beef and Lamb tallow (rendered fat) provided by the FishHugger.

Sweet Lavender a goat's milk soap with beef and lamb tallows, shea butter and lavender essential oil

Pricing: $7 each
Amount Available: