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Thu Aug 8 13:27:41 MST 2019

Hey FishHuggers! We're here in New Mexico through the end of September 
2019 before we head back to Phoenix for our fall/winter/spring farmers 
market season. Beginning next week, we're offering free delivery in 
Albuquerque and surrounding areas on the following packages:

Beef + Pork Combo: 10 pounds ground beef + 10 pounds ground pork (1 
pound packages) $150

Surf n' Turf: ground beef, a steak or two, ground pork, mixed sockeye & 
keta salmon $200

Sockeye Salmon Half Box: 15 pounds sockeye salmon filets (approx. 10 
full-side filets) $240

Keta Salmon Full Box: 25 pounds keta salmon filets (approx. 20 full-side 
filets) $250

Any custom order: $150 minimum

For a complete list of currently available products: 

*Don't forget honey, spice rub, olive oil and more! Add-ons are 
available, further inquiry is welcome anytime!

**Smaller orders can also be delivered, a delivery fee may apply.

***Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Las Cruces or somewhere else in New Mexico? 
Delivery can still be available...please contact us for details.

We just added some NEW RECIPES to our website! Enjoy, and please send us 
your favorites too!

Spicy Steak Tartare: http://www.fishhugger.com/Recipes/51/

New Mexico Fried Onion Burgers: http://www.fishhugger.com/Recipes/52/

Asian-Style Beef Kebabs with Cabbage Slaw: 

Keta Salmon with Herbed Tomato-Caper Compote: 

Salmon Burgers with Tomato Chutney: 

Stir-Fried Pork with Shiitakes and Snow Peas: 

Coming Up...
Wednesdays 3-6pm: Check out the Corrales mid-week Growers Market!

Saturday, August 17: Peak of the Season guest chef @Los Ranchos Growers 

Saturday, September 7: Kenny the FishHugger guest chef @Los Ranchos 
Growers Market

Sunday, September 22: Our last market in Corrales until May 2020 (the 
growers market will continue weekly through early November and then the 
first Sunday of the month through April).

Saturday, September 28: Our last market in Los Ranchos until December 
2019 (the growers marker will continue weekly through early November and 
then the second Saturday of the month through April).

Our website calendar page is currently updated through the end of 
September 2019: http://www.fishhugger.com/calendar.html

PHOENIX: We'll be beginning our AZ fall farmers market season in early 
October! Advance orders accepted anytime!

Eat Well,
Kenny & Brenna Aschbacher-The FishHuggers
info at fishhugger.com

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