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Hey FishHuggers! I had a long conversation with an old high school
friend the other day. We talk at length once every couple of years and
compare insights on family, work and politics. He sells insurance now
and pitched me hard. Being in sales, I am immune to most commercials and
casually analyze the style and incorporate the best parts into my own
message. In response, I felt inclined to deliver my best 5 minute
Elevator Speech tailored to his situation.  

The most powerful remedies are not respected because they don't cost
enough and require labor and patience. Dr. Thomas Cowan's book, "The
Fourfold Path to Healing" explains it best in chapter 7: digestive
disorders. To ferment certain abundant raw foods and share with
likeminded people can radically heal the gut. Time off from stressful
work can reduce the amount of time spent on healing. 2 basic foods that
support gut healing are: 1) Bone Broth made from a variety of meaty
bones from land animals (beef, pork, goat, lamb, etc.), fish (salmon,
etc.) and fowl (chicken, turkey, goose, duck, etc.) and 2) Homemade beet
kvass and sauerkraut. Also, consider giving up all grains for a short
period of 2 weeks and then slowly re-introduce ONLY fermented grains.
You may also want to temporarily limit fruit intake. It should go
without saying to avoid all sugar and white flour products, fast food,
food substitutes, food-like substances and food additives. 

Can't sleep at night? Gut problem.  

Feeling overly emotional? Gut problem.  

An unhealthy gut causes psychological problems. Healthy gut, healthy

The Way is simple and easy with immediate benefits you won't regret.
Drudgery will evolve into joyful ritual when you digest well, sleep
deep, and have a quiet mind.  

Watch one, do one, teach one. This creates a community for the greater
good. I refuse health insurance and choose to spend my money on food and
therapies that insurance cannot and will not cover. My superfood
insurance policy has served me well. Pun intended.  

Next up: prepping like a Fishhugger 

Eat Well, 

Kenny Aschbacher-The FishHugger 


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