[Fishhugger] Roadrunner Park Tomorrow!

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Fri Jun 8 13:15:34 MST 2018

Hello Phoenix FishHuggers, just a reminder we'll be at Roadrunner Park 
Farmers Market tomorrow, June 9, 2018, from 7-11am. We look forward to 
seeing you there. We're featuring our fresh harvest local raw Catclaw 
Acacia Honey along with a variety of fresh and aged local and regional 
honey in various size jars and straws. Consider purchasing a case. We'll 
also be offering 30+ dozen chicken eggs harvested at Arizona Worm Farm 
this week. These eggs are delicious and the chickens are on fresh 
pasture. Come to the market early and grab a dozen or two!

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Thanks everybody, we appreciate you.

Brenna Aschbacher-Mrs. FishHugger
info at fishhugger.com

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