[Fishhugger] Phoenix Honey Show-June 9 at RR Park

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Mon Jun 4 09:50:29 MST 2018

Hello Phoenix FishHuggers, we'll be in town this week harvesting Arizona 
honey. We're offering a variety of local raw honey representing this 
spring's floral abundance at Roadrunner Park Farmers Market on Saturday, 
June 9. Overall, 12+ varieties of local & regional honey will be 
available. For market details, check our website: 

Honey is the perfect food for long term storage, ideal for fasting and 
recovery, always makes a great gift, and can be an entertaining 
fundraiser. If you are interested in stocking honey by the case, we ask 
that you please order in advance. If you know exactly what you'd like, 
please let us know and we'll do our best to have it available. All 
orders can be placed by email info at fishhugger.com or phone 602-286-9233. 
Further inquiry is welcome. For more info and case pricing, check our 
website: http://www.fishhugger.com/news.html

NEW MEXICO: We intend to be back at the Los Ranchos and Corrales Growers 
Markets next weekend, June 16/17. Contact us anytime to schedule your 
Summer Seafood Sampler Party!

PHOENIX: Need fish? Order anytime for our July Seafood Show, pick up 
will be Tue/Wed/Thur, July 17/18/19. You can find our current list of 
products on our website here: http://www.fishhugger.com/pricelist.html

Kenny & Brenna Aschbacher-The FishHuggers
info at fishhugger.com

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