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Fri Jun 1 13:44:19 MST 2018

Summer is almost here, time to grill! We'll have a great variety of beef 
steaks and pork chops available at the growers markets this weekend. Our 
pork chops are thick cut, bone-in or boneless and cut specially for 
grilling. Check out our beef steaks too, we have mostly bone-in ribeye 
and boneless petite top sirloin, both great on the grill. Don't forget 
the sockeye salmon filet for the vegaquarians and pescatarians!

Recipe of the Week: Coffee Rubbed Steaks

4 bone-in steaks (ribeye or porterhouse), 1 inch thick, with about 1/2 
inch of fat intact along the edge

Coffee Rub ~ for 1/2 cup of coffee rub mix together:
2 tbsp finely ground coffee
1 1/2 tbsp sea salt or kosher salt
1 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp granulated garlic
1 heaping tsp cracked black pepper
1/4 tsp each ground cayenne and ground cumin

About 1 hour before cooking, place steaks on a cutting board; with a 
sharp knife, make some incisions in the meat. Rub 2 tbsp coffee mixture 
all over each steak, working it into the slits. Season with more sea 
salt and cracked black pepper. Let stand 1 hour. Heat outdoor grill to 
high. Grill steaks about 4 minutes per side, until nicely crisp outside 
and medium-rare inside. Remove to a carving board; let rest 5 minutes. 
Cut along the bone, then carve meat into slices crosswise to the bone. 
Serve with mixed spring green salad.

Enjoy! Hope to see you out at the markets this weekend! First week for 
cherries, check out your local growers.

More recipes:  http://www.fishhugger.com/recipes.html

Our June-July market schedule, we're taking a few weekends off this 
summer: http://www.fishhugger.com/calendar.html

Are you interested in a seafood sampler party? Details here: 

PHOENIX JULY 17-18-19...order before Sunday, July 15 for pick up on 
these dates. Our product list: http://www.fishhugger.com/pricelist.html

Eat Well,
Kenny & Brenna Aschbacher-The FishHuggers
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