[Fishhugger] 10 Days in Phoenix!!!

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Thu Apr 20 15:55:09 MST 2017

Hello Phoenix FishHuggers, this is your 10 day warning! We're in Arizona 
through April 30, so NOW is the time to stock up for the summer. Come 
find us at our favorite weekend farmer's markets, come to our 2 day  
open house next week or make an appointment. Here is our schedule of 
upcoming markets and events:


Grass-fed Beef: Still a few 20# Bundles available. A case of ground beef 
(25#) is also a great way to go (orders recommended for 20# plus). Beef 
liver, heart, marrow bones, ground beef, chuck roast, short ribs and a 
few NY strip, sirloin and tenderloin steaks.

Heritage Pork: Ground pork, pork belly and a few pork chops.

Seafood: Sockeye salmon filet (consider a 30# case), some keta salmon 
filet, halibut meat, a bit of halibut filet, sablefish filet and pacific 
cod filet as well.

Pantry: Local raw honey, regional raw honey, Bariani Olive Oil, Kenny's 
New Mexico Spice Rub, Green Chile Powder, raw New Mexico pecans, Arizona 
dates and a lot more!

It's getting hot out there, so be sure to bring your cooler/freezer 
bags/gel packs/etc. for pick up.

If you'd like to further inquire or place an order, please contact us.

Eat Well,
Kenny & Brenna Aschbacher-The FishHuggers

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