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Thu Apr 13 16:16:18 MST 2017

Hello Phoenix! We're here in Arizona for another 2 weeks and we'd like 
to move the last bit of beef before we head to New Mexico for the 
summer. Order anytime and pick up next Monday or Tuesday (April 17/18) 
or by appointment.

We have watched the grass-fed industry revive to a respectable level. 
Thankfully, enough consumers have been asking for grass-fed and it is 
now abundantly available at many price levels around the country, 
allowing us to reduce our herds by more than half over the last 10 
years. Help us sell out of this years' beef before its time to decide on 
next years' harvest so that your supply of beef is not interrupted. We 
have enough to divide the remaining supply of juicy goodness into about 
18 bundles:

20 pounds of beef for $9 per pound includes:
                               3 to 4 Beef Steaks
                              12 packages of ground beef
                               1 beef roast
                               1 package of beef short ribs

The first 10 orders will also receive:

                               1 Quart therapeutic broth
                               1 jar homemade raspberry/honey jam

We also have beef liver, beef heart, beef bones and pork bones. We 
understand only a select few are interested organs and bones...please 
order or come by and see what's available.

Salmon, halibut, pork, honey and olive oil will also be available. Our 
product list and information can be found here:  

Coming Up...

Sat, April 15: Roadrunner Park Farmers Market
Sun, April 16: Easter Sunday - market closed
Mon/Tue, April 17/18: Beef Days, pick up grass-fed beef at FishHugger's 
home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix 85008)

Let us know how we can help you!

Eat Well,
Kenny Aschbacher-The FishHugger

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