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Hey FishHuggers, we're looking forward to the weekend farmers markets.
Come see us and let us help you determine your favorite wild salmon!

When we first started promoting our fish at farmers markets, salmon was
all the rage. It was on every restaurant menu and in every supermarket
across and country. The challenge then was that the only widely available
salmon was farmed raised. Farmed salmon is a genetically engineered
Atlantic salmon grown in net cages in the open ocean off the Pacific coast
of Chile (mostly). You may have seen wild salmon canned or "fresh" in the
fish counter on occasion. Back in the early 2000's, we spent many hours
discussing the superiority of Wild Salmon over farm-raised with consumers.
Well, times have changed rather quickly and now it seems that a large
share of seafood consumers are well aware of the wild vs. farmed debate
and consistently seek out sustainably harvested  wild Alaska salmon. As
you probably know, wild salmon has higher omega-3 oils and better
nutrition, it's more eco-friendly and has a superior flavor and texture.
What you may not know is that there are 5 species of Wild Pacific Salmon
caught in the cold waters around Alaska. We're commonly asked, "which one
is the best?" There is no simple answer, but we can certainly help you
determine your favorite salmon. Here is a basic overview:

1) Sockeye or Red Salmon is the darkest red and has the most powerful
salmon flavor. Due to it's high omega-3 oil content, sockeye is widely
considered the "healthiest" salmon. These fish migrate tens of thousands
of miles across the Pacific Ocean during their 2-3 year lifespan. Sockeye
is our favorite salmon for sashimi. Worldwide, sockeye is the Japanese
preferred salmon.

2) Coho or Silver Salmon is slightly lighter, milder and has about half
the omega-3 oil of sockeye. Coho tends to be juicy and flavorful when
cooked. Coho is our favorite salmon for baking, grilling and smoking.
Worldwide, coho is the American preferred wild salmon.

3) Keta or Silverbright Salmon is very mild and has only 0.6 grams of
omega-3 oil per serving. Due to its mild taste we think keta salmon makes
an excellent whitefish substitute with superior nutrition. The flesh turns
a very pale pink when cooked and it does well with a sauce. Keta is our
favorite salmon to prepare for guests who may or may not like salmon. Kids
love it too. Worldwide, keta salmon is the favorite of Europe,
particularly France.

4) Pink Salmon has traditionally been canned as it is the most abundant
species of wild salmon. We recommend canned wild salmon over any farmed
salmon every day of the week. Pinks have a 2 year lifespan and are the
smallest of the 5 wild Pacific salmon species. Pink salmon has a high
omega-3 oil content and provides a lot of high quality protein. It's our
favorite salmon for chowder, salads and omelets.

5) King or Chinook Salmon is the largest and least abundant of the wild
Pacific salmon species. It has a long lifecycle in the open ocean and the
average king is over 30 pounds. King salmon is the state fish of Alaska
and most of it is consumed in the state. It is a great source of omega-3
oil and is excellent cut into steaks. We didn't harvest any king last
season, we suggest coho as the nearest substitute.

For many years, sockeye was our family's favorite. Now, we are better
satisfied by rotating through the species for a little more variety. We
suggest trying 2-3 varieties of our wild salmon and determine your
favorite. ENJOY!

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Eat Well,
Brenna & Kenny Aschbacher-The FishHuggers

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