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Mon Jan 20 18:59:14 EST 2014

Hello fellow FishHuggers!  We have been enjoying the desert weather here
in the Valley of the Sun!  It has been great seeing so many of you again
at our local farmers markets.  In addition to our regular weekend markets,
we are also offering some opportunities to learn more about thriving with
sustainable nutrient dense foods.  Please join us over the next several
weeks at our GAPS Gatherings and Smoked Salmon 101 events!

GAPS Gathering:  We will demonstrate how to make beef bone broth.  Bring a
mug, we'll be sampling the hearty delicious broth.  We'll discuss how to
increase your health, vigor and well-being with the Gut And Psychology
Syndrome (GAPS) diet. Bring a cooler and bring a friend.

Smoked Salmon 101:  We will demonstrate how to cure and smoke your own
salmon fillets and whole fish. We'll definitely be sampling the smoked
salmon! Bring a cooler and bring a friend.

For specific dates, time and location, please visit our website here:


Want to attend a cooking demo but can't make a date/time?  Give us a call,
we'll be pleased to schedule something that works for you!  602-286-9233

Now is a great time to stock your freezer and pantry for the year.  Let us
know if you would like to schedule a bulk salmon/beef pick-up or delivery
and cooking demo!  602-286-9233

Coming up

23-Jan:  GAPS Gathering 6-8p
29-Jan:  GAPS Gathering 6-8p
6-Feb:   GAPS Gathering 6-8p
12-Feb:  GAPS Gathering 6-8p
20-Feb:  Smoked Salmon 101 4-7p
26-Feb:  Smoked Salmon 101 4-7p

We appreciate the opportunity to help feed your family, thank you!  Please
let us know how we can further serve you.

Eat Well,
Kenny & Brenna Aschbacher-The FishHuggers

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