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Hello everyone!  Please join us under the cottonwood canopy at the grand
opening of the Los Lunas Farmers Market on Tuesday, June 16.  The market
is located in Los Lunas, NM at River Park on the South side of Main St
(NM6)  just East of the Rio Grande.  Market hours are 4:30-7pm.  You can
count on NM grassfed beef, wild Alaska salmon, local honey, plants for
your garden, local in-season spring greens, veggies and more!

Also on Tuesday, June 16 in Albuquerque, NM:
NAIS Listening Session at Route 66 Casino, 14500 Central Ave SW.  
Registration begins at 8am, for a complete agenda look here
Be sure to prepare written comments for submission.  You can also submit
comments online and learn more about NAIS here

With this round of hearings by the US Department of Agriculture on the
National Animal Identification System (NAIS) the Farm-to-Consumer Legal
Defense Fund is calling on the department to re-focus the second leg of
its listening tour on finding true solutions to animal health and food
safety.  Acting Fund President Pete Kennedy, noting the overwhelming
opposition voiced by consumers and farmers in the eight hearings to date,
urged Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to truly listen to the voices
already raised.  "More than 90% of the people who spoke at the listening
sessions so far have spoken out vigorously against NAIS," he said.  At a
hearing in Stoors, Connecticut, 15 of 18 speakers were against NAIS
including representatives from Farm Aid and Food and Water Watch, Kennedy
noted.  At a meeting in Loveland, Colorado, 32 people spoke against NAIS,
while only 5 supported it.  "If Secretary Vilsack is listening, we think
he's heard enough.  The message is unmistakeable:  NAIS is not the animal
health or food safety solution this country needs."  Instead Kennedy urged
Secretary Vilsack and the USDA to re-focus this set of hearings on several
alternatives to NAIS including:

-Decentralizing the livestock industry and encouraging local, diversified
farms, which would increase animal health, food security, and food safety;

-Increasing inspections of imported animals and agricultural products and
barring the entry of animals from countries with known disease problems;

-Improving enforcement of existing laws and inspections of large
slaughterhouses and food processing facilities, including unannounced spot

"We share the USDA's and the country's concern for animal health and the
safety of our food supply," said Fund board member Taaron Meikle, "but
NAIS is not the answer...to animal health or food safety in our country." 
Meikle noted that most animal health problems that occur today are the
result of the high-density confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that
concentrate thousands of animals in one location, while food safety
problems begin at the slaughterhouse where NAIS traceability ends.  "By
implementing NAIS-which requires small farmers and ranchers to track each
animal individually while allowing CAFOs to track all animals under one
blanket Group Identification Number-the USDA would be rewarding factory
farms whose practices encourage disease while crippling small farms and
the local food movement in the name of increased international sales." 
The USDA's listening tour continues to Riverside, California on June 18;
Raliegh, North Carolina on June 25; and Jasper, Florida on June 27.

SOURCE: The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund defends the rights and
broadens the freedoms of sustainable farmers, and protects consumer access
to local, nutrient-dense foods.  Concerned citizens can learn more at

Coming up...
Saturday, June 20-Kenny is guest chef at Los Ranchos Growers Market
Sunday, June 21-Father's Day Tractor Show at Corrales Growers Market July
6-Kenny to Alaska
July 11&12-Lavender Festival in Los Ranchos NM
Sept-Phoenix Fresh Catch Run--order anytime by email or phone
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markets and special events http://www.fishhugger.com/calendar.html

Our many thanks to all of you for supporting your local fisherman!  Please
let us know how we can further serve you.

Eat Well,
Kenny & Brenna Aschbacher-The Fishhuggers

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