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Wed Sep 13 14:33:44 MST 2006

Los Ranchos Growers Market
6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Los Ranchos NM
Saturday, Sept 16:  7-11am

6th Annual Beans, Chile & Corn celebration with guest chef, Darlene
Yachik, Indulgence Cafe and Catering, who will be sampling her famous corn
chowder.  Alaska meets Italy - Kenny the Fishhugger and Joe Sausage will
be dueling at the grill with chile highlights!  Music by Dave Palsce. 
BeBe the clown will be face painting.  Various vendors will have special
products high-lighting beans, corn and/or chile.  "Ask the Expert" Corva
Rose will be available to answer your questions regarding fall pruning. 
Rail Runner schedules and information will be available.  The 6th Annual
Beans, Corn & Chile Recipe book is hot off the presses.

We'll have the following available at this week's markets:

2005's Sockeye Salmon - whole fillet, pave cuts, boneless tails, salmon
bacon eat within 6 months $8/lb

Just flown in!  2006 Harvest:  Halibut Fillet, Halibut Cheeks, Smoked
Salmon, Whole Salmon, Various Salmon Species, Pouched Salmon

NM Grassfed Beef:
Ground Beef ~ great for tacos, burgers on the grill & more $8/lb
Top Loin, Tenderloin & Boneless Rib Steaks ~ $28/lb
Beef Special:  All roasts (Chuck, Arm, Rump, Rump Tip, Pikes Peak, Short
Ribs & More) $10/lb (reg $12-$18/lb)

We will attend the Nob Hill & Corrales Markets this week.  Our website
calendar has been updated with all of September's markets and events at

Rain Report by Rob Roman of Roman's Rain Reserves:
Total inches since June 1 = .41 for June, 5.64 for July, 4.92 for August
Total = 10.97 inches since June 1
With only .63 inches from Jan 1, 06 thru June 30, 06
Yearly total of 11.19 inches
Albuquerque average yearly rainfall is 8.6 inches of which about 4 inches
would normally be from the monsoon months.

Although Kenny is not quite home yet, his salmon season is over.  The
final numbers have not been officially tallied yet, but he estimates his
boat harvested about 1.7 million pounds of salmon this year, primarily
pinks (1.1 million + pounds).  That beats last seasons harvest (Kenny's
best ever) of 1.3 million pounds.  This is the 4th straight season that
the value of the fishery has increased, keeping many Alaska fishing
families in business!

Coming Up...
October 7:  Balloon Fiesta Tailgating:  Kenny the Fishhugger will discuss
tailgating strategies using the grill.  Gwyneth Doland will sign copies of
her "Cilantro Secrets".  Music by guitarist Rob Roman.

Our many thanks to all of you for your support!  Come on out and enjoy all
of the samples at Los Ranchos this weekend!

Eat Well,
Brenna Aschbacher~Mrs Fishhugger

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