[Fishhugger] August Market Update

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Fri Aug 25 12:03:13 MST 2006

Greetings fellow Fishhuggers!  Here is my market schedule for the
remainder of August:

Saturday, Aug 26
Los Ranchos, NM  7-11am

Sunday, Aug 27
Corrales, NM  9am-12noon

Thursday, Aug 31
Nob Hill Market in Morningside Park Albuquerque, NM  3-7pm

I'll have the following Wild Alaska Seafood available:

Sockeye Salmon ~ 2005's Harvest, caught 9/10/05, good in your freezer
another 6-8 months.  Whole fillet, Pave cut fillet (uniform grilling
fillet without boneless belly and tail), Salmon Bacon (belly cut) and
Boneless Tail 4 Packs all $8/lb.

Whole Sockeye & King Salmon ~ Great party fish, roast whole and use the
eggs to make your own red caviar and wonderful fish stock from the
leftover carcass, bones, head, tail, etc.  $5/lb

Sockeye Salmon ~ 2006's Harvest, whole fillet, portioned fillet & steaks

Halibut Fillet ~ boneless, skinless, delicate and tasty whitefish $18/lb

Also try our NM Grassfed Beef:

Ground Beef ~ great as burgers on the grill, chili or meatloaf, $8/lb

Boneless Beef Rib Steaks, Top Loin & Tenderloin Steaks $28/lb

Assorted Roasts & Misc Cuts including Chuck, Arm, Rump Tip, Pikes Peak,
Short Ribs & Skirt Steak now on special for $10/lb (reg $12-$18/lb)

I am now taking orders for Whole (400#), Half (200#), Mixed 1/4 (100#) &
Mixed 1/8 (50#) Grassfed Beef.

I am pleased to report that I have only 250 lbs of 2005's Sockeye harvest
still in Albuquerque inventory.  This will likely last until Kenny returns
in 2 weeks (Sept 9).  I also have about 100 lbs of this season's Sockeye
harvest available.

In the Phoenix inventory we have about 1 ton (literally) of coho/silver
salmon, sockeye bellies and whole fish.  We'll be discounting this when we
return to the Phoenix area markets in early November.  In the meantime,
you can still find our salmon at Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe, Nature's
Finest Health Foods in Fountain Hills or eat at Nix Supper Club (Thomas Rd
& 56th St) and Cyprus Pita Grill (20th St & Camelback next to Trader

As afore mentioned, I expect Kenny to return to Albuquerque in about 2
weeks.  I can't wait to find out what types of salmon and fish he brings
on the plane with him!  Although the Sockeye salmon harvest has been
disappointing to many fishers across Alaska, pinks have been bountiful to
the point where ADF&G may extend the season another 3 weeks.  As of August
15th, the statewide pink salmon harvest was 21.7 million fish.  In fact,
last week, the F/V New Dawn made the largest delivery of Kenny's career @
90,000 lbs of pink salmon.  It was actually split up into 2 deliveries
since fish hold capacity is ONLY 50,000 lbs.  I understand the fish hold
was full and they were deck loaded the first time.  All in a day's work...

Our many thanks to all of you who have helped us consume over 7 tons of
Wild Alaska Salmon from the 2005 season!  We truly appreciate your support
of Alaska's Wild Fisheries and your local fisherman.

Eat Well,
Brenna Aschbacher~Mrs Fishhugger

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