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Fri Aug 11 07:41:35 MST 2006

Los Ranchos Growers' Market
Saturday, August 12
6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW, next to the tennis courts and the fire station

In celebration of the 2006 growing season, and NM Farmers' Markets week,
the Los Ranchos Growers' Market hosts the 6th Annual Cooking in the
Village celebration.  Jennifer James of graze and gulp will be
demonstrating a seasonal squash soup and grilled eggplant with a sweet &
sour sauce.  Come sample these goodies and ask her questions about
preparation of seasonal veggies.  Tap your toes to the bluegrass music of
the Squash Blossom Boys.  Pick up a copy of our free Cooking in the
Village cookbook featuring recipes of friends, vendors, guest chefs, and
community partners.  RailRunner representatives will be at the market to
answer questions, give out schedules, etc.  The Fire Department will have
an open house, and will be taking the annual market photo from the top of
the ladder truck!  Come and enjoy the festivities!

I'll have a variety of Wild Alaska Seafood and NM Grassfed Beef available

Sockeye Salmon Portioned Fillet ~ caught about 1 month ago, oily collars
or boneless tails, $16/lb

Sockeye Salmon Steaks ~ caught about 1 month ago, 2 steaks per package,

Sockeye Salmon Whole Fillet ~ 2005's harvest, good in the freezer at least
another 6 months $8/lb

Whole Sockeye Salmon ~ these are great party fish, make your own caviar
with the eggs and make a great fish stock with the leftovers $5/lb

Halibut ~ boneless, skinless fillet, blast frozen the day it was caught

Ground Beef ~ Great as burgers on the grill, chili or meatloaf $8/lb

Arm Roast, Chuck Roast & other assorted Roasts ~ cook only once this week
and serve several meals $12/lb

Boneless Beef Rib Steaks & other assorted steaks ~ well marbled and juicy,
great on the grill $28/lb

August Market Specials:

Halibut ~ 10 lbs or more for $16/lb
Sockeye Salmon Case ~ 50 lbs, unbanded, 2005's harvest $300
Scratch N Dent Beef specials ~ any broken vacuum seals are 1/2 price.  I
have some roasts and steaks that fit this category.

Kenny has been at sea for almost 3 weeks, fishing near Larsen Bay on the
west side of Kodiak targeting pink salmon.  He'll be home in 29 days (but
who's counting?).  It has been a productive season so far, 166 million
salmon are expected to return statewide.

Trivia Question:  How many children each year are poisoned by mercury from
fish consumption?  a) 100,000 b) 50,000 c) 1,000 d) zero.  Visit our
homepage for the answer and complete article.  http://www.fishhugger.com

I'll be attending the Nob Hill Market and Los Ranchos regularly this month
and Bernalillo and Corrales when I can.  Check my calendar page for a
complete market schedule http://www.fishhugger.com/calendar.html

Our many thanks to all of you for supporting Alaska's Wild Fisheries and
your local fisherman.

Eat Well,
Brenna Aschbacher~Mrs Fishhugger

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