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Hurricane Katrina worsens already debilitated native shrimp industry

8 September, 2005
The severe boat and infrastructure damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina in the gulf states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana has only further disabled the nation's shrimping industry that was economically struggling to begin with, say bayou shrimpers. The United States coastal region provides nearly half of all US shrimp consumed, with Louisiana hauling in more shrimp than any other state. Mounting fuel costs, fierce competition by way of cheaply produced foreign farmed shrimp are also

U.S. Seafood Supply & Prices Affected by Katrina

5 September, 2005
Louisiana Oysters and other varieties of fish and shellfish dependant on active Gulf Coast Ports will rise or become unavailable in some parts of the nation this week.

Our New Site!

11 February, 2005
Welcome to our new web site! We've been (and will continue) working to provide you with a more useful online resource. Check back regularly for all the latest news, our calendar, recipes, and much more. Sign up for our maillist and get the most important news right in your in box.

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