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New Mexico Grower's Market Schedule

7 May, 2011
Saturdays-Los Ranchos Growers Market

Sundays-Corrales Growers Market

May 7 - Oct 9, 2011

Stock Up!

1 May, 2011
Open hours tomorrow (Mon 5/2) at our home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix 85008). 11am-6pm (or later by request). If you need to order a case of salmon, beef or lamb, please let us know by 8am on Monday (5/2) 602-286-9233.

Need to Stock Up?

18 April, 2011
Please call for an appointment 602-286-9233 or catch us at the Farmers Markets through May 1, 2011. Back beginning Oct 15, 2011.

Stock Up!

15 April, 2011
We'll be participating in the Phoenix-area farmers markets through May 1, 2011! Only 3 more weeks, so it's time to stock your freezer and pantry now! From here, we're heading to NM to check on beehives and the cattle herd. Kenny will go to Kodiak, Alaska around June 15 for the summer wild sustainable seafood harvest. We'll be away from Phoenix for 6 months harvesting and gathering food, back beginning October 15, 2011!

Fishhugger's Favorite Dinner

14 April, 2011
Where: Persian Garden Cafe, 1335 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix AZ

When: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time: 6:30pm

Price: $27 per person + tax & gratuity

Featuring Wild Sockeye Salmon Salad and Grassfed Beef/Lamb Kubideh with all the trimmings and a Honey Flight Dessert! Please join us for dinner! RSVP Persian Garden Cafe 602-263-1915.

Holiday Vacation

20 December, 2010
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We'll be enjoying some family time over the holidays (Dec 20-Jan 2). See you in 2011!

Holiday Market Specials

15 December, 2010
5lbs Coho/Silver Salmon $50, Beef Bratwurst $10/each!

This Week's Market Specials

7 December, 2010
Grassfed Beef Skirt Steak, Grassfed Beef Bratwurst and 2lb packages of Halibut Cheeks!

This Weekend's Market Specials

18 November, 2010
Grassfed Lamb Ribs, 2lb packages of Halibut Cheeks, Salmon "Omega" Eggs and Grassfed Ground Beef!

This week's Market Specials!

2 November, 2010
2lb packages of halibut cheeks, considered by many the delicacy of the fish, pan-sear in butter/olive oil a few minutes per side. Top with fresh lemon juice and parsley. 1.5lb packages of grassfed ground beef--great for burgers on the grill! 1lb packages of salmon roe, a nutrient dense food. Check our recipe page for preparing salmon roe/eggs.

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