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Ambrosia Dumosa - Honey of the Week

22 March, 2019
Desert Wildflower, or Ambrosia Dumosa is a shrub native to the southwestern US. It's sometimes known as burro-weed or bur sage, grows around creosote, and blooms yellow flowers. This particular honey contains a high amount of desert rag weed pollen. Ambrosia is a light-bodied, light-amber colored honey. Its flavor is fresh and robust with a hint of nuttiness.

How long can I store fish in the freezer?

21 March, 2019
Your freezer will determine the shelf-life of your fish. The precious omega-3 oils in salmon must be held at consistently cold temperatures to maintain quality. We suggest a dedicated deep freezer, a chest freezer if space allows. We also recommend having a fridge/freezer thermometer so you know precisely the range of your freezer. 0 degrees F will hold your fish about 6 months (typical of fridge/freezer combos), -10 degrees F will hold your fish for about 1 year and -20 degrees F will keep your fish in great shape 2 years or more.

Sunday Open House - March 10

1 March, 2019
This Sunday only! 11am-4pm at FishHugger's Phoenix home. Please join us today for a Free Honey Tasting Flight featuring 20+ specialty raw honeys. Freezers and pantry will be open. Bring a friend, bring the kids and family, bring a cooler!

Alfalfa - Honey of the Week

27 February, 2019
We have an abundance and variety of Arizona Honey. My favorite table honey is Alfalfa Blossom. I like to start my day with a scoop of honey off the spoon or in my tea and I take a couple of spoonfuls again at bedtime for more restful sleep. Alfalfa honey is heavy-bodied, amber-red in color (here in the southwestern US), and has a rich classic flavor without being overtly sweet. It reminds most people of their childhood no matter where they're from. Alfalfa is pollinated by naturalized honey bees and various species of native bees. Alfalfa honey is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and is a better sweetener in diabetic diets than sugar and other non-nutritive sweeteners. Raw Alfalfa honey has been known to be helpful for seasonal allergies.

Come see us and sample all of our great USA honey sources! Tons of Arizona local, lots of regional. For us, raw is more important than local and we love having a variety. We're bringing about 10-12 varieties of raw honey to the markets, about half are from AZ. You may be interested in one of our upcoming honey & mead tastings or schedule your own for you and a group of like-minded friends. At home, we offer about 22-24 varieties of raw honey, mostly from the western US, including a few from mid-west to east coast. Whether you need honey by the jar, case(s), pail or barrel...let us know how we can help you.

**We ship throughout the USA**

Schedule Your Honey Tasting Party Today!

21 February, 2019
Catclaw Acacia is one of my favorite local honeys. The nectar is sourced from native trees and this honey is produced every 4-7 years. Our AZ hives are located in the Florence/Coolidge area and our bees are harvesting native floral species in season. For us, raw is more important than local and we love having a variety. We're bringing about 10-12 varieties of raw honey to the markets, about half are from AZ. You may be interested in one of our honey & mead tastings or schedule your own for you and a group of like-minded friends. At home, we offer about 22-24 varieties of raw honey, mostly from the western US, including a honey or two from the mid-west to east coast.

call 602.286.9233 or send email to schedule!

Farmers Market Anniversary

9 February, 2019
We started our farmers market career on February 9, 2002. We're looking forward to kicking off our 18th season at Roadrunner Park and Ahwatukee Farmers Markets now through April.

Pork Sampler

8 February, 2019
Try our pork sampler package for $25 (includes 2 thick cut pork chops and 1 pound of ground pork).

Fresh Olive Oil Harvest

25 January, 2019
In the northern hemisphere, olives are harvested in the fall. Because of the widespread and constant presence of olive oil imitators in supermarkets, it can be challenging to remember that real, pure olive oil is a seasonal product, ideally harvested at its natural peak.

An olive is a drupe, or a stone fruit, similar to a plum or a cherry. Its oil is more like fresh squeezed fruit juice - none of the highly processed industrial "food" oils (including fake olive oil) can ever compare. There are around 700 varieties of olives and each have their own distinct taste and aroma. The Bariani family are cultivars of Mission and Manzanillo olives, yielding a genuine olive oil with qualities distinctive of the region of the Sacramento Valley where the orchards grow.

Bariani Olive Oil has been our favorite for over 15 years, which is why we offer it to our customers. Excellent for searing our salmon, drizzling on salads and so much more...we particularly enjoy using the Early Harvest Olive Oil as a topping for vanilla ice cream.

The Bariani's produce a small quantity of oil each year. They grow, harvest and press their own olives and each bottle is marked with a harvest and bottling date. The oil is best consumed within 1 year of the bottling date.

We currently have the freshest Fall 2018 harvest of Bariani Olive Oil! There are two types:

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil: gold label, pressed from green olives (before they fully ripen) beginning in October. There is less oil in a green olive and this oil has a more intense flavor, some describe as "peppery". Our favorite for finishing and dressings, we prefer to use it raw. It's worth mentioning again that this is also our favorite drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: white label, pressed from black olives as they ripen into December. We love to use this milder, lighter oil on salads or for light duty sautéing of seafood or greens.

Fresh Catch! Pacific Cod Filet

24 January, 2019
We currently have Pacific Cod back in stock! Wild Alaska Cod is one of the most popular whitefish species for good reason. Cod has moist, firm filets with a distinctive large flake and slightly sweet flavor. Alaska's long-term fisheries management practices ensure the sustainability of cod and other fish. Pacific Cod is extremely versatile - perfect for steaming, baking, sautéing, soups or stews - and is complemented by a vast array of sauces, herbs, spices and coatings. Have fun experimenting with your favorites!

Lower Honey Prices Now!

18 January, 2019
Great news FishHuugers and HoneyHeads! Our fellow beekeepers are reporting a 20 year high in desert moisture this season with more forecast throughout 2019. Those of us here in the Valley of the Sun have certainly noticed the recent rains and presence of "real" winter :) This means that we can anticipate a larger desert blossom and a lot of available nectar for the bees. Ideally, this will yield an excellent spring-summer-fall honey flow.

A wise friend once told us, "Be the first to lower your prices and the last to raise them." As of today, we're heeding his advice and lowering our local honey prices 20% in anticipation of a higher than average honey harvest in the upcoming season. We so appreciate each of you and want to share our abundance with you and your families. Thank you for your support, encouragement and feedback over all these years.

All of our local Arizona honeys are raw and unfiltered and sourced primarily from native desert plant and tree species.

We also offer a great variety of regional raw honey. We will gladly ship to you or your friends anywhere in the USA. Contact us anytime at 602.286.9233 or send email to place an order or for further inquiry.

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