Honey Chocolate Sauce

A delicious healthy chocolate! Serve as is for dessert or topping or plate decoration. As a dip for fresh or dried fruit. Eat by the spoonful for chocolate or sweet cravings. Stir into hot coffee or tea for a mocha. Experiment with add-ins such as roasted pecans, cocoa nibs, essential oils (peppermint, wild orange), cinnamon, chile or cayenne, bee pollen, bacon or butter.
Raw Unfiltered Honey

Cocoa Powder

Heavy Whipping Cream or Coconut Cream

Use all 3 ingredients in roughly equal parts

Honey with a liquid texture is the easiest to mix. If your honey is thick, crystallized or solidified, re-liquify with a hot water bath for 15-20 minutes.

For best results, always use the highest quality cocoa powder and cream available. This does not need to be a measured recipe, it is best made to taste. Honey can absorb a lot of dry cocoa powder and cream/coconut cream can also be added as necessary.

Add honey to mixing bowl, add cocoa powder a bit at a time and begin mixing by hand with a fork. Add cocoa powder as desired for a stronger chocolate flavor. Once cocoa powder is absorbed, begin mixing in cream/coconut cream. Less cream/coconut cream + more honey yields a thick syrup. Add heavy cream, and the sauce can be whipped into a chocolate mousse or pudding.

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