Beef Essence-Beef Tea

Beef Essence, also known as Beef Tea, is used to add flavor to meat preparations, and makes a satisfactory substitute, with water, for beef stock/broth when not available.
1 pound of beef cut into very small cubes. Round steak or roast is ideal, most other lean steak and roast cuts can be used as well.

Sea salt

Beef essence made at home is a kind of broth which is sometimes fed to infants and invalids. To prepare the essence, place the small meat cubes in a wide-mouthed jar and cover closely. Stand the jar in a pan of boiling water and keep just at the boiling point for several hours. The juice of the meat will be extracted without being diluted in any way. Strain out the bits of meat and serve the juice hot, with a little salt if desired.
The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery, 1948