Beef Steak Strips

An updated version of Mom's Chicken Fried Steak.
Round Steak, Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, Stew Meat or Kabob Meat

Mesquite Bean Flour

Blue Corn Meal

Bariani Olive Oil

Sea Salt


Thaw Beef Cubed Steak in refrigerator overnight. Tenderize meat with a meat mallet or cleaver, cut into strips. Batter meat with a mix of 1/3 Mesquite (or other) Flour and 2/3 Blue Corn Meal. Heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet. Pan fry battered meat in olive oil for about 2 minutes per side. Drain on paper towels. Serve with Garlic Dill Mashed Potatoes topped with shredded Asiago Cheese.
Kenny Aschbacher, The FishHugger